An individual has a different sense in fashion style than another and there are certain reasons behind this.

Fashion Is my Style
Fashion Is my Style

Reasons Why People Have Various Fashion Style

Fashion changes every now and then, thus, knowing your own style will always keep you on the game.
The term fashion style simply denotes to the way you wear not only your clothes, but also your bags, shoes, jewelries and other accessories. Fashion style can also be defined by the kinds of wardrobe you wear in a given situation. It may vary from one individual to another because of too many reasons. It can be because of your taste, age, budget, gender and environment.
To begin with, a fashion style in teenagers is certainly different from adults. Teenagers are more likely to be influenced by famous celebs, their friends, by magazines, movies and among others, compared to adults. They also want to wear more colorful dresses and accessories, which are opposed to what adults, want to wear. Adults choose to wear clothes with usual and safe colors, especially when they are working. They also vary with regard to their hairstyles.
It is another circumstance that each individual has various tastes in fashion style. There are individuals who want to wear various types of accessories like charm bracelets, rings, bangles and necklaces that can match with their clothes. Moreover, some people who want to keep everything simple, but classic. This simply shows that people have different perceptions and tastes when it comes to their fashion style.
Another aspect that sets huge difference in fashion style is the gender. Men and women have various tastes with regard to clothes their wear or even their accessories. While some men can go along with their casual wears, women are more meticulous with their wardrobe. Men also prefer to wear watch, as their only accessory, whilst women want to wear a pair of earrings, a necklace, a ring and even bracelets.
Personally speaking, the fashion style is endless and it depends on every individual’s perspective. It is not about wearing the latest styles of clothes or accessories, but on how you carry them. It is important that you feel comfortable in every clothes you wear, aside from being fashionable. Being comfortable also means that you can carry yourself well in whatever you wear.

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