Women are more “on the go” in fashion style than men that makes them more prone to its advantages and disadvantages.

Fashion Is my Style
Fashion Is my Style

What are the Pros and Cons of Fashion Style in Women

When talking about fashion style, women are basically on the go compared with men. This is because women are more into fashion than their counterpart is.
You can see that style in fashion has great influence among women through the years. To them, fashion is a kind of statement and it determines their behavior and personality by representing their own style. Fashion must be unique in each person, but because of media influences, fashion style has made a common denominator in which most individuals try to be like supermodels.
With this reason, fashion style has its pros and cons in women. The drawbacks include their identity, financial shortage and peer pressure. Your identity is affected with regard to your style, as you tend to follow what is conventional in the fashion industry. This industry made typecast supermodels that are known to be beautiful with their very slim figure. Many women worked so hard to get that supermodel physique because of their misapprehension about with regard to being beautiful.
Another disadvantage is financial shortage. This is expected in women who followed the latest trends in fashion. You may frequently purchase branded clothes that are very costly and you tend to invest more beyond on what you can earn with your living. This is definitely a drawback when it comes to fashion style. Peer pressure is also a drawback because if you follow what other will say about what is good and worst in fashion, you will end up not being yourself.
On the contrary, there are also pros in knowing your fashion style. If you do, you will be much braver to stand up in a crowd with more self-confidence. Also, you can save more money if you know on how to mix and match your clothes. This way, you can still use your clothes even there is a new fashion trend. Keep in mind that your own style will never be go out of fashion. You simply need to know what style is good for you. If so, you can surely be confident to show off what you got in the world.

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