What does you choice in Gadgets say about you as a person?

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Style as defined by thefreedictionary.com( http://www.thefreedictionary.com/style ) is “The combination of distinctive features of literary or artistic expression, execution, or performance characterizing a particular person, group, school, or era.” So as to say, style clearly defines who really is that person whom you put on when you go to work, when you go to school, when you jog in the morning with the leash of your dog at your hand and when you put on your most comfy clothes and go to sleep. Your style is basically your whole identity as toy how to present yourself in this world.
In this era, where technology is the most used “thing” perhaps, an eruption of these certain styles is a necessity to survive. As what I believe of, technology is when you do something to a something that makes your problems lighter or better yet solve it in a way. As this goes people tend to use these modern day superheroes (which are gadgets by the way) in a way we typical not intended to do thus giving me an idea that somehow people are adopting a sense of style using the technology given to us.
Let me cite examples, some people are using their television as their clocks in their everyday lives, television shows serves as the minute and second hand of their “clocks”. I knew someone who never get up from his bed til he hears the morning news rolling. Yes, I meant hear cause he doesn’t have to watch the news, he just needs to hear and poof he goes to the bathroom! When his mother tried not to turn the television on, he overslept and of course ended late at school. Funny thing is, he never sets his alarm clock. Now the question is what if their TV is broken? Or that particular show goes off? Which show will wake him up?
Another is we buy gadgets depending on how we think how it will work for us. Some of us buy an iPhone4S, an iPod 5th generation, and iPad 2 cause we believe that they serve different purpose and that one Apple device will not suffice our needs. Some of us will buy a smartphone that will be a cellular phone, music and video player, computer, calendar, notebook, library, deepest darkest secret keeper, companion, even girlfriend/boyfriend all at the same time. Like something bad will happen if you left your phone at your house and even you’re just few steps away from your workplace you really (REALLY!) need to go back and get your phone. Whatever it takes.
Whatever the case you belong one thing is for sure, we definitely tend to depend on technology and that is a fact. It’s a way of life for us modern day citizens and it will always be. No one can ever say it is a bad thing, nor anyone can prove that it is right. It’s only a matter of choosing which technology style will fit and work with you.

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