What does your fashion sense say about you?

Fashion Is my Style
Fashion Is my Style

Fashion Is my Style

Fashion is about looks and image that are popular in a specific time and period. Style on the other hand, is more about expressing your individuality through clothes, and it doesn't have an expiration date. It's more REAL.
Fashion gives you the inspiration, ideas and the nudge to dare - and style is what you make out of it.
Let me begin by saying that finding your personal fashion style is about getting to know yourself. It's about being connected with the very essence of who YOU are - and be confident about it! So WHAT exactly is the YOU and what does it have to do with fashion? Imagine a world (call it ""Sameville"") where everybody wore the same clothes, a place where they had the same style and liked the same things. (http:// http://www.thechicfashionista.com)
Dare to be yourself and wear the clothes that express the unique and fabulous person you are! Color this life with shapes, colors and styles - and be the shining example of the beauty of diversity.
Creating your own fashion or style is the easiest way but a little bit harder to think, why? Because its take time to think what kind of fashion or style that you should wear on that specific day and if it is suits to you on that specific way that you wear.
Me as a lover person of Fashion, It’s easy for me to wear any kind of dress, shirt, jeans and etc., but what is the hardest part, is that how am I going to put an original style that might attracted to the eye of everyone’s. It is the hardest part for me, because sometimes it becomes an OA when we put many accessories to our body and put so much make-up in our face.
I put an ordinary style that should not be attracted too much to the eye of other’s but some of them like the way I convey my own style. I love Kpop style; I really admired them so much that’s why I always imitate their fashions and style

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